Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh Dear.

So, hi. Tuesday, I was prepared to come to class, discuss ALL THE THINGS, and then talk to Lydia like a boss about flakey bookclub members. Then, I woke up when class was over having set my alarm for PM instead of AM like a notboss, and then had my rear handed to me in email form about the new bookclub style.

I'mma let that stew in passive-aggression for a bit.

So, from my perspective something really amazing is starting to happen int he video blogging community and instead of taking notes on it I thought I'd blog my thoughts at this moment-

When I first gained momentum as a blogger, I worked in direct opposition to what I saw. I posted painfully honest videos in efforts to break the norm of rehearsed bullshit content and to let people know that it's okay to be exactly who they are.

For once, on this front, I do not feel completely alone.

Video bloggers have begun to rebel, they're getting angry. But, at who? This story seems to be developing...

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  1. Why do they even have PM alarms? I think people appreciate honesty more than phoniness and are able to see through that.